BlossomBatik Early History

Welcome to BlossomBatik. Thank you for taking a look around. I hope you enjoy what you see! All pieces are handmade by me and no two pieces are same. This is an ARTS which you can wear. All package you order from me is shipped in self adhesive plastic bag to prevent humidity from reaching the item during transit. I will provide the tracking number and will let you know after shipping was made. Thank you.


I started creating and painting batik when I was at secondary school. I took an ARTs lesson for my final exam and from there I learn the basic step of batik. It is fun and full of exciting moment when we draw a batik image. I learn a simple batik process, use a block and 'canting' to create a motive, dyed it with color until the last process.

BlossomBatik started in 2010 and the originality of the idea is simple.

"Apply batik technique and motive on the piece of the cloth which is full of creative arts"

My batik is all handmade by me and I hope that you can feel the care and attention I put into each piece when you receive it. Don't miss out, grab one now as limited quantities are available!. You can wear this batik garments on many occasions and places. Our garments made from 100% high quality material. 

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Comfortable, Wearable ARTS


Limited Pieces...Grab Now!

  • ● No Two Pieces Are Same. Our batik garment are truly authentic where there is no two pieces are same. Each batik garment have its own 'arts'. And it is an unique arts which you can wear. Our batik motive are exclusive and limited, and you will not find it in other places.Where else you can get original fashion from the east?.That's makes it more worthy to have as your wardrobe collection.

  • ● Beautiful Colors. Our batik garment made in every color imaginable!. We know you're struggling to figure out what to wear to the upcoming occasions. Lucky for you, our batik garment is as versatile as it is stunning, making it suitable for all occasions.

  • ● Comfortable. Our batik garment are loose, flowing outfits that are just as comfortable as they are gorgeous.Made of 100% high quality rayon it bring the cool feeling to your skin. It is also drapes nicely on your body once you put it on. Some cloth did not have the floaty effect but with viscose rayon it really works. Wear it during outing or summer, it will not failed you.

  • ● Value You Received. Our concern is customer satisfation and trustworthiness. This is the only way we can build our reputation. Thus, We only sell high quality product.Each batik comes with money back guarantee.

  • ● Easy Transaction, Safe and Secure. Our customer concern about their buying. They keep asking this question."Do this transaction secure?. How I can make sure i get for what i am paying for? Thus, it's come paypal to eliminate all this hassle. Thus also make we a paypal business verified!